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November 9th, 2004

Under Armour

I like me some Under Armour.

Sure, the stuff is expensive as hell (seriously, $50 for a turtle neck? Not in my world!), but their “Cold Gear” is actually worth it if you spend any extensive time outdoors. It’s tight-fitting (space age!) material that insulates you in temperatures under 50 degrees. I went running in somewhat cold weather a couple weeks ago to try it out and wow… I was kept warm, almost too warm, and when I took it off I won’t tell you how many buckets of sweat poured off of me. Pretty impressive. The Under Armour, I mean, not the sweat.

I’m equally impressed by the Duofold Varitec t-shirts that wick sweat away from your body during the summer months. They keep you dry, but man oh man, the stank factor on the shirts is high. I guess it makes sense since the sweat has to go somewhere.

I promise I won’t talk about my sweat anymore from here on out.

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