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November 9th, 2004

Under Armour

I like me some Under Armour.

Sure, the stuff is expensive as hell (seriously, $50 for a turtle neck? Not in my world!), but their “Cold Gear” is actually worth it if you spend any extensive time outdoors. It’s tight-fitting (space age!) material that insulates you in temperatures under 50 degrees. I went running in somewhat cold weather a couple weeks ago to try it out and wow… I was kept warm, almost too warm, and when I took it off I won’t tell you how many buckets of sweat poured off of me. Pretty impressive. The Under Armour, I mean, not the sweat.

I’m equally impressed by the Duofold Varitec t-shirts that wick sweat away from your body during the summer months. They keep you dry, but man oh man, the stank factor on the shirts is high. I guess it makes sense since the sweat has to go somewhere.

I promise I won’t talk about my sweat anymore from here on out.

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FROM: Amahdakeel [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday November 9, 2004 -- 11:45:20 am

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday November 9, 2004 -- 12:47:25 pm
Seriously, man. What's with the stupid ass comments? Act like you're older than 12 for a second.

FROM: David
DATE: Tuesday November 9, 2004 -- 2:01:56 pm
Why promise not to talk about sweat? A previous sweat related subject on the Ping led someone to comment it was one of the funniest Pings ever (evar?).

FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday November 9, 2004 -- 2:12:14 pm
I picked up a pair of UA shorts on sale a while ago, and they are my favorite gym shorts ever! Sometime I hope to find another pair cheaply so I don't have to limit wearing them to only when I teach.
And yeah, those polyester/wicking tops can be baaaaad. The best thing to do is to wash them as soon as you can after using them, and don't put them in the dryer, but even then they don't last freshness-wise for longer than a year or so. :-P I had a Seinfeld-ish moment at a staff in-service when I realized that I shouldn't've worn a particular (older) shirt, and had to say "it's not me! It's the shirt!" (it's not me, it's the car!) to a friend of mine after she made a comment about man, someone didn't bathe this morning. Sooo embarrassing.

FROM: ken
DATE: Sunday November 21, 2004 -- 12:23:35 am
i use under armour pants when i go snowboarding and they work really well, but then when we go in the lodge u like burn up, but i mean i would rather burn up than freeze, i dont have any warmgeat tho.

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