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November 28th, 2004

Paper No Paper

A few years ago, I complained about newspaper sites but noted that I rarely read the actual paper anymore. Coupled with some news I’d read recently that most people in my age group had similar habits, it got me to wondering if other Pingers do the same thing or not.

I tend to read almost all of my news online, since it’s a lot more accessible. I can increase text size, not worry about newsprint, find ways to get around obligatory registration, etc. etc. etc. But there’s something I now find appealing about reading the paper. It’s almost like a throwback of sorts. I start with the ads, of course, to see what I can buy with my millions I won on Jeopardy! and work my way to other sections from there, usually ending with the crossword.

Crosswords never really did well on the computer, did they?

In any case, if you read the paper do you choose to do it online or not? And what are your reasons?

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