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November 29th, 2004

The Reunion Experience

I mentioned before that my 10-year high school reunion was approaching. Well, it was this past weekend and I think pretty much everyone summed it up the same way:

Fun, but weird.

It was fun to see certain friends I had lost touch with and wish I hadn’t.

It was weird to see how the football team was exactly as I remembered them and exactly as I expected them to be.

It was fun to run into a girl I went to Kindergarten with and reminisce not about high school, but about the woman from the retirement home that used to come and work with the two of us (the advanced readers of the group).

It was weird to smell a waft of pot smoke that wasn’t coming from the bathroom, but clearly from within the relatively small hall we were in.

It was fun to see the people I expected to get wasted, get wasted.

It was weird to talk for five minutes to someone who I seriously didn’t remember or recognize. I’m still not convinced she really remembered me, either.

It was fun to catch up with a friend from the development I grew up in.

It was weird to have certain people that would never have talked to me in high school tell me they saw my web site.

It was fun to hang out after the reunion with a group of friends at a nearby watering hole.

It was weird (well, not really) to see that the hottest girl from high school still is.

So, yeah, it was weird and fun, fun and weird. Surrealish, even.

Best line of the night: when saying hello to an acquaintance, they said to me, “Hey, Ryan. I don’t think we’ve had a meaningful conversation since middle school. So, what’s up?”

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday November 29, 2004 -- 12:16:22 pm
I've managed to avoid the fun-weirdness of high school reunions. I missed my fifth and tenth. I'm not even sure if there was a fifteenth, which would have been last year. I may go to the twentieth, but if I'm busy, I'm busy. I went to an all guys Catholic high school, so I don't even have the incentive of seeing how the hot girls held up and checking out the curves that first did it for me way back when.

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday November 29, 2004 -- 5:14:57 pm
It's good you could enjoy your reunion, because I'd have to be dead even to be dragged to mine.

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