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December 2nd, 2004

The Laundry Rug

To make up for my indescretions yesterday with the RoboDump, I’m here today to present you with a (truly) useful product: The Laundry Rug.

It’s the size of an area rug, and you just toss your clothes onto it (c’mon, you know your floor doubles as a clothes hamper!) and when laundry day comes, just cinch up the sides and you’ve got a bag full of laundry to take to the washing machine/laundromat. It’s genius, folks!

While this company has other, much less inventive products like the Hangover Helper (just an ice/heat pack), the Cosmojetz (what the heck?), and Knob Notes (ok, ok, that one’s not too bad), clearly they’ve hit the big time with the Laundry Rug.

I imagine it’s only a matter of time before Linens-n-Things is carrying it.

(via core77, which came via somewhere else)

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday December 2, 2004 -- 2:07:05 pm
At this point chords around the edge of the rug are pulled together to form a handy carry bag



Is this thing musical, or is this one of those British English v. American English divides, like color and colour?

FROM: Chris
DATE: Thursday December 2, 2004 -- 10:07:59 pm
Somebody with Metafilter posting privileges is reading the Ping?

Has this ever happened before?

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday December 2, 2004 -- 10:39:20 pm
It must be making its rounds... I didn't get it from the same source as him, but I suspect that there's a Kottke or a Haughey behind it all. :)

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