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December 5th, 2004

First Tape

Rummaging through a box of old cassettes, I found what was My First Cassette Tape Ever. My first record was Michael Jackson’s Thriller (followed closely by the first Fat Boys album), but this was my first blank tape that I recorded songs off of the radio (and a few from record) with. I believe the tape is from 1984, possibly 1985.

The track listing, you ask? Here it is, as written:

Side 1

  1. Beat It
  2. Let’s Hear It For The Boy
  3. Hear of Rock n’ Roll
  4. Footloose
  5. Sister Christian
  6. Thriller
  7. Centerfold

Side 2

  1. State of Shock
  2. What Is Love
  3. Magic
  4. The Stroke
  5. Thriller (Michael Martian) [this means that it’s “Thriller,” but I turned the record player to “45” for a 33 1/3 rpm record; remind me to scan a picture of my visual interpretation of Michael Martian for you sometime]
  6. Farwell [sic] My Summer Love
  7. The Reflex
  8. Tell Me I’m Not Dreaming
  9. The Longest Time (Chipmunks) [yes, folks, Billy Joel as recorded by The Chipmunks… who I think were related to Michael Martian]

Recorded on a Certron HD Normal Bias 60 minute cassette.

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