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January 10th, 2005

Another Stupid Quizno’s Ad

I know this is how viral marketing works: one sees an advertisement so bad and or awful, he discusses it with other people. Then they talk about it, and so on, and so on, until everyone thinks Quizno’s supports pedophiles.

Let’s back up. Last night while watching live TV (as opposed to TiVo,) a commercial came on for Quizno’s. It featured a woman enjoying a sandwich by the pool, talking to someone who starts off camera. She talks about how good the sandwich is, and all that usual stuff.

Then we pan to the other person, and it’s a talking baby. (Note: talking babies are stupid and creep some people out.) The baby responds to the woman in part by saying, “Spoiling you has never been easier.” The baby then alks about Quizno’s subs and all that good stuff. Then the woman says to “Baby Bob,” “You’re looking very hunky.”

That’s about when my wife said, “Wow, she’s a pedophile!” It was only partially in jest, I believe, and that’s pretty much where it crossed the line for me. This is still a freakin’ baby, stupid CGI effects or not, and here is a grown woman hitting on a baby in order to sell toasted sandwiches.

Now I maintain that I still like Quizno’s, but dumb, dumb ads like this make me reconsider. And yes, I know I’m taking the whole thing to a logical conclusion… but that’s what the Ping’s all about.

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