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January 21st, 2005

They Call Me…

Well holy hip-hop hell… everyone’s favorite babyface rapper from the late 80s/early 90s has his own web site, blog, and photography portfolio, and they’re really nice looking!

You may or may not remember D-Nice, one of the original members of the Boogie Down Productions crew who recorded killer tracks like “Call Me D-Nice” and “The TR-808 is Coming,” but I have fond memories of seeing him as part of the “Self Destruction” video and finding a picture of him mislabeled in one of those cheesy hip-hop versions of Teen Beat as “Schoolly D” (a totally separate rapper that looks nothing like D-Nice).

These days D-Nice is taking some nice looking photos and writing some of the most interesting blog entries I’ve read in a while.

Welcome back, Derrick. It’s good to see you’re still around and being creative.

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FROM: Ms Time
DATE: Friday January 21, 2005 -- 4:43:02 pm
I'll be pinging you...

DATE: Friday January 21, 2005 -- 5:39:05 pm
These are much better than any of my blog entries. but i didnt grow up in the bronx so nothing exciting happens here in the suburbs

FROM: aharris
DATE: Monday January 24, 2005 -- 3:33:16 pm
Excellent photography. Is there more info on the site about his shots? i.e. type of camere, filter, and setting?

Cool link, laze.

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