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January 23rd, 2005

Perfect Amount of Snow

Yesterday Paul asked what the best day for snow is. My question today is: what’s the perfect amount of snow?

I’d say 5-6 inches. It looks nice and may even get you a day off from work or school (especially in Virginia where they’ll open schools late because it’s cold), but it’s easy to shovel and will only take a day or two of warmer weather to melt. When you get up into the 12″ range, it takes a little longer to shovel and can cause some issues with driving. Less than though ends up feeling like a non-event. And I don’t like non-events. Non-events make me ANGRY.

We got about 4 inches here yesterday and I feel a bit cheated. Especially after the local news and their stupid “eggs, toilet paper, and milk” stories (and allow me to point you to what remains one of my favorite Ping comments ever from Matt over here).

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 23, 2005 -- 11:37:58 am
We got about 1/4 " in F'burg. They were forecasting 6-8. In most jobs you get fired for being that wrong consistantly. Have you ever heard of a meteoroligist getting fired for being wrong?

DATE: Sunday January 23, 2005 -- 12:01:12 pm
My mom was just saying the other day how embarassed she was, it snowed about 3 inches and she bought toilet paper and milk, but she explained that old people bought bread instead of eggs. She didnt buy it thinking we were gonna get snowed in, just we didnt have any. We got like a foot in reading, outside philadelphia. i shoveled down the street and got 40 bucks! It was a very painsful shoveling tho, it was a double driveway and it took 2 hours.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Sunday January 23, 2005 -- 3:26:03 pm
we got a little over 7 inches in Madison, but I'm still waiting to experience a real blizzard. I think that'd be so cool! Ideal snow for me (at least once) would be several feet.
My mom told me how Bob Ryan was very confident about their getting 12 inches or so, and they only got 5. Oh well.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Sunday January 23, 2005 -- 6:26:00 pm
Yesterday morning I was watching the news and the forecasters were talking about how snow was already falling in moderate amounts in my town. I looked out the window: nothing on the ground and nothing falling. It didn't start for another 45 minutes.

DATE: Sunday January 23, 2005 -- 9:11:25 pm
Maybe it wasnt live news....

FROM: Paul
DATE: Monday January 24, 2005 -- 7:33:31 am
Well shoot, Ryan, if you need snow come on out! We've got about a foot of the stuff for you. I'll throw some in the freezer, okay?

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Monday January 24, 2005 -- 12:38:03 pm
I got my ruler and plunged it into the pillowy depths: sixteen inches between Saturday and Sunday here in CT. A Nor'easter blew through.

It drifted up to three or four feet in some places and was only abour four inches in others. The sixteen inches seemed like an average.

Of course the iceberg mountain at the end of the driveway where the trucks push all the snow was a two hour job alone, and no one paid me $40 to move it. An hour after I had shoveled it, they pushed a lot of it back. At least the rest of the snow was light.

The snow looks great. If only it had fallen during the week we would have gotten to stay home from work. But instead, it killed a much- needed weekend of errand running.

Perfect amount, but crappy timing.

FROM: Rob [E-Mail]
DATE: Monday January 24, 2005 -- 1:03:11 pm
My parents up in MA told me they got about 30 inches of new snow on top of some snow they already had. So it was waist deep in places. Yay!

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Saturday January 29, 2005 -- 7:36:30 am
The answer Ryan? 0. As in "nada". I hate the stuff.

So when you come out to get Paul's thoughtful donation of his snow, feel free to stop by me on the way back home and take mine too. Definitely want to make it worth your while. ;)

FROM: Peebo Jenkins
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 8:48:59 am
it doesnt really snow where i live.. so umm yeah...

FROM: Peebo Jenkins
DATE: Thursday February 17, 2005 -- 8:49:00 am
it doesnt really snow where i live.. so umm yeah...

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