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January 23rd, 2005

Perfect Amount of Snow

Yesterday Paul asked what the best day for snow is. My question today is: what’s the perfect amount of snow?

I’d say 5-6 inches. It looks nice and may even get you a day off from work or school (especially in Virginia where they’ll open schools late because it’s cold), but it’s easy to shovel and will only take a day or two of warmer weather to melt. When you get up into the 12″ range, it takes a little longer to shovel and can cause some issues with driving. Less than though ends up feeling like a non-event. And I don’t like non-events. Non-events make me ANGRY.

We got about 4 inches here yesterday and I feel a bit cheated. Especially after the local news and their stupid “eggs, toilet paper, and milk” stories (and allow me to point you to what remains one of my favorite Ping comments ever from Matt over here).

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