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January 28th, 2005

Visual Yellow Pages

All right, this is some cool technology. Even if it’s a bit scary.’s A9 search engine thingie has launched a visual Yellow Pages. It works in most major US cities – you use the Yellow Pages as normal and get a picture of the business in question. Oh, and you get to “walk” up and down the block. My first thought after seeing this was, honestly, “How great is this for tourists?” Some people use visuals to note their directions, and see where they’re going. Now you can say, “Meet me by Ann Sather’s. The one near the El,” and people can see what you mean.

The other fun thing to do with this would be to play, “Was I photographed by a moving van with a camera or not?”

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FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 28, 2005 -- 10:02:45 am
I was playing with this a bunch yesterday. It's absolutely amazing.

I searched out some of the restaurants that I visited in NY and they all had images. This would have been incredibly useful for one restaurant in particular, which I walked around for 15 minutes looking for...

The other fun thing to do with this would be to play, "Was I photographed by a moving van with a camera or not?"

I assume you've seen this by now...

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 28, 2005 -- 10:03:35 am
Oh, something else that's cool -- the "Call this business now for free" option, where a call is placed to you and the business and you're conferenced together. Neat-o.

FROM: Bill [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday January 28, 2005 -- 11:32:32 am
I Think this would be great for all businesses. I can imagine a vertial u.s. on the internet. You could Visually see an arena of town before you went there. What A time Saver! Websites like Http://a-site-that-has-been-deleted-because-it' could show their store front.

DATE: Friday January 28, 2005 -- 5:09:24 pm
No restaurnats in my town have pictures, lucky. This is pretty cool, its like keyhole. Keyhole is still much more fascinating than this.

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