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February 12th, 2005

Dreaming of Saved by the Bell

Well, I hope you’re happy. After five years of reminiscing about things like Saved by the Bell, I finally had a dream involving cast members.

I was invited to a cast reunion that was going on at some college auditorium. Let’s assume it was Northwestern. Everyone was there, although I couldn’t seem to find Screec… er, Dustin Diamond and there were kids from The New Class. In other words, STTB’s equivalent of Star Trek’s red shirts.

I was formally introduced to almost everyone, but the thing I was anticipating the most was telling all of them about the Ping. That’s right! I was just as geeky in my dream as I would be in the waking life. The unkind cut is that I woke up before I had the opportunity.

So Slater, I wanted to let you know… we’re out here.

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