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February 19th, 2005

Where They Know Your Name

In these days of chain restaurant overpopulation and high employee turnover rates, there aren’t many “local joints” you can go to, see an employee you know, and have them recognize you. When it does happen, it’s really nice.

At one cafe nearby, one that I go two once every month or two (for me that’s “regular” since I rarely eat out), and as soon as I walk in, the woman behind the counter smiles and says, “Veggie panini [which isn’t even on the menu but they make for me anyway], no avocado?” At a Vietnamese restaurant just down the way from the cafe, there’s a waitress there that always smiles and says hello to me and amazed me when she remembered what I had ordered when I was there two months earlier. That amazes me.

Are there any neighborhood places where you’re recognized like Norm and Cliff were at Cheers? (My 20-year-old TV reference beats your six-year-old movie reference!)

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