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February 23rd, 2005

Rapture Letters

Stealing a link from The Daily Show is kind of tacky, but this is one site that I just couldn’t let pass by: When you’re taken to Heaven, let this free, automated service tell all your sinning friends that you’re there!

People can believe in the Rapture and that the End of Times are near, that’s fine with me. People can even set up stupid web sites (because, you know, the web will continue to run perfectly when the Savior comes to take His believers to Heaven), and that’s still fine with me. But what really got me is how the site works.

The dude who runs the site—the same guy who was asked to tell what other biblical prophecies he says have come to pass and couldn’t come up with one—”checks in” with the site once a week. If he doesn’t check in on a given week, he’s been raptured and the flood of e-mails get sent.

So, there’s this guy and he’s so sure he’s going to Heaven. And he’s sure enough that the rapture will come in his lifetime that he’s willing to say that if he dies it won’t be by a car accident or natural causes, but because Jesus has come to bring him to Heaven as his sinning friends and family burn in the fires of torment.

Sure thing. Gotcha.

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Chris January 29, 2007, 5:11 pm

This is a better site

the rest are just too silly to comment on

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