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February 28th, 2005

The Oscars

I watched a good deal of the Oscars last night, including the Counting Crows’ rendition of the Oscar-nominated drivel known as “Accidentally in Love.” (Sorry, sorry… it’s a fine song for kids, I guess. Maybe. And Adam Duritz has funny hair.)

Chris Rock did a good job as host, I thought, with some nifty one-liners and snappy comebacks. But geez, the show is long. Some presentations were also made in the aisles between seats, which was weird – although my wife suggested that those were done to speed things up. Guess it didn’t work.

I did want to point out one weird thing, though. In almost all of the “creative” categories, they simply brought all of the nominees up on stage and then made the winning announcement. Wouldn’t that be a little weird? I thought it was going to be, “If you feel you deserve this Oscar, take one giant step forward!” or something… but it wasn’t that fun. Just imagine that: you’re on stage, you lose, and now you can’t give the winner the finger behind your seatback. Pfft.

Thank goodness for TiVo.

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