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March 15th, 2005

Odd Midol Commercial

PMS commercials are easy for guys to take shots at, because we simply have no idea what women go through. It’s more like nervous laughter at an inappropriate joke… we just don’t know where to look when one of these commercials comes on.

Every so often, though, comes a commercial that is worthy of being made fun of by everyone, men and women alike. In the 90s, the phrase “not so fresh feeling” entered the common lexicon because of the commerical with a mother and her daughter walking on the beach. In 2005, there’s a new contender, though I fear that because of the subtlety, it may go unnoticed.

This commercial is for Midol. It starts off with three young women on the beach. One is wearing a bikini and they others tell her they can’t believe she’s wearing a bikini while she’s PMSing. The rest of the commercial goes as these commercials usually do, until the final seconds. In these final seconds, the girl in the bikini is walking on the beach with her friends and says, “Boy, I could go for a brownie!” One of her friends rolls her eyes and responds, “Oh yeah… you’re menstruating!”

What the hell?

1. Has one woman every actually said to another, “You’re menstruating?” and 2. Just because a woman wants a brownie, it means she’s menstruating? 3. Could I manage to say “menstruating” any more in this paragraph? Aren’t you impressed I spelled it correctly without looking it up?

The line is delivered so casually and the woman’s voice fades out as the commercial ends, so I had to rewind to make sure I had heard it correctly. The subtlety of this absurd line confused me. Of course, I saved the ad to show to my wife.

My friends and co-workers should consider this fair warning. If they ever publicly profess a desire to eat a brownie, I will roll my eyes at them and confirm, “Oh yeah… you’re menstruating!”

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday March 15, 2005 -- 9:23:07 am
I happen to know the cycles of nearly every woman in my office--and trust me, I don't ask. They come up and tell you.

They do usually say "period" rather than anything to do with discharging the menses. They will complain that they are bloated, cranky, tired, irritable, etc. On good days I even get flow reports.

I never know what to say--but inside, my head screams "WHY? WHY?"

On the other hand, I suppose it shows that my female co-workers are comfortable around me. It my also be that I'm overwhelmed. I'm the only guy here. Perhaps they figure that I'm on their turf.

If I'd had my choice, I'd rather the young hot girl in a bikini on TV be my only experience with women talking about the monthly bill. Plus I can change the channel. My favorite is when I get a lunchtime update!

If you have a significant other, you can't avoid it, can you?

Sometimes I toy with the idea of retaliating by talking about my prostate, but there shouldn't really by any issues down there for another forty years.

On the whole, what I deal with right now is still not as bad as what happened at my old job: A male colleague passed a kidney stone and brought it right to me, fresh from the bathroom!


FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday March 15, 2005 -- 10:07:31 am
Clearly, when women actually want food, they must be PMSing. Awesome ad!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday March 15, 2005 -- 10:11:04 am
A male colleague passed a kidney stone and brought it right to me, fresh from the bathroom!

Yikes. Trying to think of some sort of joke, but I think that event speaks for itself.

DATE: Tuesday March 15, 2005 -- 7:26:51 pm
Her friend is saying it sarcastically, like who in their right mind could eat a brownie during their period? but since she took midol, she can eat fatty foods

FROM: jk
DATE: Tuesday March 15, 2005 -- 9:52:59 pm
Ok, why have no female Pingers replied to this?

I don't even know what to say, other than it IS odd, and I could eat brownies every single day. You don't need a reason or an excuse.

Watching less and less tv everyday...

FROM: Kate
DATE: Tuesday March 15, 2005 -- 10:36:04 pm
I did catch it, and I did make fun of it with some of my friends. Anyone bringing up someone else's period like that would more realistically get smacked in the face.

Sorry, Joseph, some of my guy friends find out too. But it's only because they get nosey as to why I have a pained look some days.

FROM: Mike
DATE: Monday April 18, 2005 -- 12:16:19 am
Well considering that all of my girl friends say the "voices" in their heads scream for salt and chocolate during their PMS I would say that the whole brownie thing is right on. As far as the professing of someone else's period...yeah I agree with KAte there *SMACK!*
I also get told the details, so you're not alone. All you do is be compassionate and try not to piss them off too bad. Unless you like to mess with them in that state, then it becomes some what sadistically fun until they try to hurt you. lol. Sorry ladies.

FROM: Unica
DATE: Sunday May 1, 2005 -- 5:50:11 pm
Really? What confused ME about that commercial was them being confused about the girl wearing a bikini during her period.
I'm confused. I'm a girl. I have periods. I own bikinis.
Never has either clashed with the tight bluejeans...those have been a problem.

FROM: Laurie
DATE: Saturday July 2, 2005 -- 8:11:34 pm
Wearing a bikini while using a maxi pad would be more of a reason for another woman to comment on wearing a bathing suit period, those things are so bulky that the outline of them are noticeable to others seeing that you are on your period, that would have been a better ad to use for tampax

FROM: snaily
DATE: Sunday July 3, 2005 -- 11:28:14 am
im a girl too and i love brownies all the time. commercial about female stuff has always been offensive. i think people way over react about that stuff

FROM: Ouisch
DATE: Monday July 18, 2005 -- 3:52:09 pm
For the record, her pal says "Oh, yeah, she's menstrual", not "menstruating." It's a stoooopid commercial nonetheless.

FROM: someone
DATE: Thursday August 4, 2005 -- 2:09:02 pm
If you actually watch and listen to the commercial, the girl says "Boy, I could 'kill' for a brownie!"

I believe the "Oh, yeah, she's menstrual" is said because the girl says she could 'kill' for a brownie, not just 'go' for a brownie.

FROM: royharper
DATE: Sunday August 7, 2005 -- 9:14:47 am
The comment from "someone" on Thursday August 4, 2005 -- 2:09:02 pm, finally shows that "someone" actually listened to and followed the ad. I gotta admit, the way the audio trails off in the end, it is rather hard to pick up on. But I think "someone" finally gets it right.

On the other hand, I spend a lot of time in the company of groups of women, and they very often discuss their periods (and believe me, they don't care what I overhear, or if it might be offensive...they blab right away) but NEVER have I actually heard a woman say the "she's menstrual".

FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Wednesday March 15, 2006 -- 3:14:49 pm
I had to revive this one because it cracked me up.

Much like Joseph, I seemed to get all the info on all the girls (ladies) at work. I was the sous (assistant) chef of a restaurant and the entire line, less me, was female. I NEEDED to know. LOL. Girls with knives and attitudes are scary things.

I would always stash a few mini-Snickers bars in the approriate cook's reach-in refrigerator to keep her at bay and a happy camper.

They loved, I loved them. We had a great line and great time.


DATE: Wednesday March 15, 2006 -- 7:21:28 pm
It is pretty gross, 16-year old girls are past the awkward stage about it, but not wise enough to know guys dont want to hear it. They have had lunch long conversation about tampon sizes. god, it pisses me off, almost as much as when i comment a long time before and absolutely forget about it. If it didnt sound like i was commenting i would have thought someone was using my name, which is also not cool

FROM: Samia
DATE: Monday May 29, 2006 -- 1:02:00 am
The commercial makes sense. cheesy? yes, but nonetheless relavant. Midol stops bloating, waterweight gain, etc. which allows for the bikini, and I know that when you are PMSing you often crave carbs, sweets, or salty foods (depending on your own individual taste.) The craving that the girl has only confirms that she is on her period. andddddddddddd i dont know why i am commenting on this.

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