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March 26th, 2005

A site I definitely underrate, even in the depths of my own mind, is The premise is pretty simple: you can write a letter to yourself (or anyone else, really) and have it delivered on a date in the future.

The first time I actually used this was when we moved out to Denver in September, 2003. I surprised myself because I had totally forgotten about the letter – and whaddaya know, six months later I had an “update” from myself in my inbox! Very nice stuff.

I was reminded of again today when I got a letter from myself dated one year ago. I included lots of big picture items (ie, “I hope you’re back in Chicago”) and small ones (“You wore a new shirt today.”) Something that might be neat is to use this in conjunction with, say, flickr or a similar service… hook it up with something that happened in your life on that day, and send it to your future self.

I think I underrate and forget about because it’s so simple, and so very not flashy, but good at what it does. Give it a whirl.

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