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March 27th, 2005


Everyone’s been talking about it, Make, a new DIY magazine for technology geeks. It’s like Popular Woodworking for the tech crowd.

I got my first issue this week and am mighty impressed by it. It’s substantial and offers a lot of detail. Topics covered include everything from one man’s reminiscence about his dad building his first Apple II from scratch rather than buying it to Gmail hacks to making your own $10,000 video camera mount for $14. While some of the projects (particularly ones that require soldering or anything resembling soldering) are well beyond the scope of my skills, there’s plenty in here for those of us that enjoy looking for ways to use technology that go beyond how it was originally intended.

The single issue price is a bit steep ($15), but a four-issue subscription (five if you use the right coupon code) runs about $35, which is reasonable.

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