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April 6th, 2005

Drink Tolerance

I have never been a big drinker.

I think part of the reason is, simply, I didn’t go away to college. Oh sure there was a bar across the street from one of my school’s buildings. And sure, during an evening class break a few friends and I would go over to the bar and come back to class a little… loosened up. But that doesn’t mean I was an alkie.

My tolerance for booze has declined from “pretty darned low” to “pitiful.” A few weeks ago we went to a birthday gathering for a friend at a Mexican restaurant, and I ordered a Margarita. Now – note that I was the driver – I only had about a third of a small one. It was still a good amount, but a third? That was all I needed.

I can make my way through one beer (bottle or can) but a second one is pretty unlikely. There was one New Year’s party I went to about, ah, four years ago where my goal was to get a little wasted. I gave up after two beers. I just couldn’t do it.

How has your tolerance changed?

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