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April 5th, 2005

Google is watching us!

Paul e-mailed me this morning and said, “Ryan! I can see inside your house using Google Maps‘ new satellite option! You should be ashamed of yourself!”

So, after I stopped walking around without pants, I brought up my address and was surprised to see that not only was the satellite picture more up-to-date than previous satellite shots of my area, but it was also in color. Now, Paul was lying and he didn’t see me in my birthday suit, but the addition of satellite to Google Maps makes it all that much more impressive. Yahoo!’s been doing some neat things with maps recently, too, so it looks like there’s some friendly competition here really sparking some mapping innovation. Just like 12 years ago when it was unimagined being able to use the Internet to get maps, I suspect that in the next five years, the face of online cartography will change significantly.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to map my way to work.

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