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April 18th, 2005

Gas Prices Redux

You know, we’ve touched on gas prices more than once here at the Ping. But prices have been going straight up for the past few months and I’m curious how much a gallon costs for all you Pingers.

As for me, here in the Chicago suburbs the last fillup our car had was at $2.39/gallon for 87 octane – and that was the cheapest around. I haven’t seen anything cheaper anywhere yet. It cost nearly $30 to fill up the tank, a new record. Yay!

As a funny/poignant side note, I was rummaging through old photos and found one from 2001 where the gas prices in the city were $2.25, $2.35, and $2.45 per gallon. At the time I remember that was pretty astronomical. Not anymore!

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