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April 29th, 2005

Taking the Bus

In college, I rode the bus a number of times to get home during breaks. It was cheap and took me closer to my house than the train did. And almost every time, it was an ordeal, with missed connections or crazy loons riding the bus. But every time I’ve taken the bus to New York City, it’s turned out to not only be a non-event, but a pleasant non-event.

Each time I’ve ridden into the city (usually from south Jersey but this past week from DC), the bus departed on time, arrived early, and everyone on the bus was quiet, respectful, and slept most of the time. Sure, it’s not glamorous and we had to sit through a showing of Bringin’ Down the House, but it was a really pleasant experience, especially for having paid a mere $31 per person, round trip. It’s one mode of transport that I wouldn’t hesitate to use again and again (though I’d avoid it with kids).

I’m sure that Pingers have some good bus stories… there have got to be some good ones floating around.

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