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May 3rd, 2005

Nose Hair

A pondering:

I understand why nose hair exists and approve of God/god’s invention of it. After all, without it, we’d all look like little kids with their non-nose-hair-having-selves, snot constantly dripping down our collective cheeks.

What I don’t understand, Most High, is why nose hair has to grow. Why do some people have to trim it to keep it from growing too long? Our noses stop growing and we don’t develop a greater need for nosehair after we reach a certain age, so why can’t it just stay the length it is right at this moment?

I ask, can you please freeze all nose hair growth from this day forward?

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday May 3, 2005 -- 9:46:40 am
Kids do have nose hair, but they're lucky, it's just like peach fuzz.

I have to say that my experience with post puberty hair been annoyance. My eyebrows have gone out-of-control, my ears, what the hell are those three inch hairs that show up out of nowhere despite the most diligent grooming rituals? I use my razor now less on my face and more everywhere else.

A good trick for keeping unruly eyebrows well-groomed: take a comb and hold it flat against your eyebrow and clip the hairs that protrude. It works fast and is way better than plucking (my girlfriend decided to try plucking) Plucking friggin' hurts! You might as well burn off the eyebrows if you can take that kind of pain.

Nose trimmers work well--though they are loud--which becomes more of an issue when you try to trim your ears.

What do I need hair on my toes for? Friggin' &$%&^%)*&^!!!!! Even get one bent the wrong way? Hurts all day.

FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 3, 2005 -- 11:35:16 am
Somehow, I got thru 36 years of life without worrying about my eyebrows. Recently, my wife noticed a few unruly eyebrow hairs and plucked them.

1. It hurts
2. They get worse after they are plucked.

I'm convinced that first pluck sets of a chain reaction that dooms you to a life of eyebrow grooming.

Just say no to plucking.

FROM: heather
DATE: Tuesday May 3, 2005 -- 11:50:43 am
we women know all about the hell of plucking, waxing, hair removal cremes and shaving areas that don't see much sunlight. sadly, it all starts at about age 12 and once you start there is no stopping for the rest of your life!!!! I ask why, oh, why do we have to deal with all of that?

DATE: Wednesday May 4, 2005 -- 6:26:03 pm
Heather, it makes you sexy, you can just not shave then be a lonely old woman for the rest of your life. Hey, its your call.

FROM: Rafael
DATE: Friday May 6, 2005 -- 11:09:34 am
Here is another helpful tip to keep those unruly eyebrows: After I groom my hair instead of washing the product (gel) off my hand I use both index fingers and run them over my eyebrows. This little trick is an alternative from plucking or trimming those bad puppies.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday May 6, 2005 -- 12:00:43 pm
Mine must be trimmed. A little gel isn't going to tame the two porcupines that moved in above my eyes.

FROM: Eric
DATE: Thursday September 29, 2005 -- 6:39:04 am
A barber once told me I should always pluck, not cut, too-long eyebrows, or they will get a stubby-end appearance that doesn't look cool. But now, approaching age 55, they ALL get too long. If I pluck all the long ones I'll have nothing left! It's either start the giant eyebrow look, or get out the trimmer and mow.

FROM: mike
DATE: Saturday March 4, 2006 -- 12:04:00 am
its rather amusing that everyone conforms to a set standard to look alike and whatnot, those skimpy eyebrows look childish and silly on guys and girls

George June 12, 2007, 8:21 pm

If you want to end up with monkey eyebrows, trim them; I prefer gel(there are different strengths of gels) to keep them from looking like crazy hairs.

ryan August 27, 2007, 3:55 am

what i hate is when someone doesnt know their nose hair needs to be trimmed and they have long hairs protruding out of their nostrils into plain view, keep them suckers trimmed. or women with mustaches its so hard to look them in the face and ignore the fact that she has a black peach fuzz mustache like a 15 year old boy.

Ray Hollister February 20, 2012, 12:58 pm

Don’t trim your nose hairs. It hurts like the dickens, but plucking is the only reasonable option. Trimming them will leave you with short, sharp stubs that will grow back into long, sharp stubs that will stab your nostril. Plucking the hairs starts a new hair folicle which will be finer and softer. Better to have a new, fresh harvest next month than to face the revenge of the foliage.

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