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May 2nd, 2005

The Food Your City is Known For

Growing up in Chicago there were a lot of foods I took for granted. Hot dogs, for instance: there are hot dog stands everywhere here, from the really good to the really mediocre (but at least no one puts ketchup on a proper Chicago dog.) Once we moved out to Denver we started, naturally, missing some of the foods we grew up with.

Some of that is rooted in pride, as you can imagine. Chicago does a lot of foods right: deep-dish pizza, Italian beef, hot dogs and cheesecake are all pretty much “Chicago foods.” Even my hometown was (and still is, somewhat) known for its food. I’d like to know, then, what foods Pingers associate with their cities and towns.

And if anyone comes from the Land of Oreo, we need to get in touch.

Posted in Food and Beverage

Joe June 11, 2008, 4:15 am

Minnesota, knows for our….


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