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May 6th, 2005

Napalm Death Scum

Ryan is covering today while Paul pays off Paula Abdul to not go public with their affair during the MC Skat Kat years.

In a perfect world, my utopia, this page would be everybody’s home page.

So, what happened here to cause this unbelievably bizarre combination of a grief-stricken father’s web site about his daughter and the phrase “napalm death scum”? It looks like he (or whoever is in charge of his site) decided that keyword spamming would be a great way to increase the popularity and visibility of his site. Indeed, looking at this , this, and all of these text files full of phrases it appears he’s using the pointless Traffic Hurricane to drive his traffic.

Unfortunately, not only does it work against your site, but it results in words like “napalm death scum” showing up next to a picture of your deceased daughter. “Targeted” marketing, my arse.

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