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May 13th, 2005

Sharing Songs

At work, a few co-workers and I share a “song of the day” with each other. Currently, it’s an FTP server at a co-worker’s house with each day getting its own folder for us to upload our songs to. We then send an e-mail describing our pick and sometimes a short discussion will ensue.

I got to thinking that it would be nice if there was a pre-built package made specifically for this purpose of sharing songs between a small group of people. The features:

  • Blog-style posting, each song getting one entry, allowing per-song comments. Uploading of the song would need to be integrated into the posting.
  • Categorized by genre.
  • Creates dynamic .m3u playlists for either a day, an author, or a random shuffle of all tracks

Of course, Movable Type or any other blogging platform could be pretty easily adapted for a couple of these requirements, but the other two (uploading the songs and the dynamically generated playlists) would be what would really make this stand out from a regular ol’ audio blog.

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