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May 14th, 2005

Radio Radio

I was strolling through the Ping’s archives – still located in the web’s catacombs – and came across this little gem I wrote back in 2000 about how great digital music was going to be. It’s actually kind of funny how spot-on that Ping is: there aren’t any CDs in our house (well, CDs of the non-mix, store-bought variety anyway,) I have an iPod, and all of our music is on the computer I’m using right this second. And two years ago I was bemoaning the change in the radio landscape – noting that I mostly listened to CDs and the like at that time.

A few weeks ago, Pinger Greg asked me if I had heard something on a particular radio station. My response was rather surprising even to me: I really don’t listen to the radio anymore. Ever since I started taking the train to and from work, my radio listening has absolutely plummeted. I do turn it on when running errands in the car, but that’s about it – I don’t listen in transit to and from work, and I don’t listen at work.

The only thing I really do listen to on the radio anymore is NPR on the weekends – which my Mac faithfully records for me for later listening (I guess it’s “podcasting” in a weird, bastardized sense) – so I’m not really listening to that at the time it’s broadcast, either.

The funny thing is that there are some things I miss about radio, but not many – I have nostalgic feelings for the time in my life when I discovered how great radio was and that’s about it. Radio just doesn’t feel as relevant as it once did.

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FROM: heather
DATE: Saturday May 14, 2005 -- 11:15:05 am
"Radio just doesn't feel as relevant as it once did."
I agree. There is so much cool music out there that just doesn't get air play. Is it because radio is run by giant companies with aging djs playing what they are told is "hip"? It's much more fun to have "interactive" music like in Ryan's ping yesterday. I think that when you can share your feelings and favorite songs with others you have a better sense of community.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday May 14, 2005 -- 11:56:52 am
I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that DJs today aren't the personalities they used to be. It's lucky if we can find a DJ that actually broadcasts from the same state!

I remember growing up that Hot 98 in Philly was *the* Pop station. They'd publish Top 40 lists with pictures of their DJs, who were very distinct personalities. I still hold that Terry "Motormouth" Young was one of the most kick ass top 40 DJs this country has ever seen.

FROM: Chris
DATE: Sunday May 15, 2005 -- 1:18:17 pm
I can't go all MP3 yet. When I crank CD's in my stereo I can hear the difference between to CD and the MP3 version. Mp3 is fine for background music, in the car, etc but ehrn I'm in the mood to really listen to music I need the source files.

FROM: aharris
DATE: Monday May 16, 2005 -- 3:59:09 pm
Same here. I haven't listened to radio (regularly) since high school. I do, however, listen to internet radio. There are some amazing stations that play never-heard-on-the-radio songs. One of my favorites has a website w/ a dynamic playlist w/ links to sites where you can buy the music.

Paul, I think it's very gutsy of you to throw out your CDs. I've kept mine for that day when (if) I want to re-encode. Hard drive players are so large (an relatively inexpensive) that it makes sense to rip at much higher bit rates.

Lately I've been thinking of FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec). Sure it's the newest flavor of the month but at least you would have the option of re-encoding to something new when AACs are no longer the sexiest, bestest things on the block.

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