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May 31st, 2005

The New Most Annoying Man On TV

The old-guy-that-wasn’t from the Dr. Pepper commercials used to be the most annoying person on all of television. Now that he’s gone, though, there’s a new super-annoying character on commercials that actually makes me yell at the screen (and not feel guilty doing so)… old-guy-that-isn’t from the Six Flags commercials:

Annoying Six Flags Guy

This twit bounces around and dances and rides scary rides because — hey! — it’s funny to see an old man do young man things! Har!

The make-up is awful (probably purposefully so) and his mannerisms are that of Urkel.

I hope he falls off Kingda Ka.

Posted in Television, Movies, and Music

FROM: Monica
DATE: Tuesday May 31, 2005 -- 11:18:25 am
what I hate is that this bad dancing around is done to a song I like. :-P

FROM: Paul
DATE: Tuesday May 31, 2005 -- 1:42:48 pm
You know, maybe that guy is Urkel. Makeup does wonderful things....

FROM: Chris
DATE: Tuesday May 31, 2005 -- 2:40:21 pm
The people in the ED drug commercials might be a close second.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Tuesday May 31, 2005 -- 5:56:26 pm
I love him! How dare you cast aspersions against him! He represents the most brilliant marketing idea to come along in a very long time, at least since Clara Pellar!

(If only you could see that I can't keep a straight face).

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Tuesday May 31, 2005 -- 10:40:33 pm
At least his glasses are in style.

FROM: heather
DATE: Wednesday June 1, 2005 -- 9:38:36 am
he scares me. i try not to let the kids see him as i'm afraid there will be nightmares after...

FROM: laurie
DATE: Wednesday June 22, 2005 -- 9:15:51 am
I can think of a couple more annoying commerical ads (here that is in California) I haven't seen this one for quite some time (he probably died), but it is the old man for Rotolo Chevorlet and then their is the one where the guy keeps on saying Jack Stephens or the one A Dee Doo

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Friday July 1, 2005 -- 5:13:19 pm
I'm not alone.

FROM: Deeporg [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 21, 2005 -- 10:49:30 am
The Vengaboys (the electronic dance music group that made the song) SOO totally sold out when this happened.
Even so, their synonymous song called "Up and Down" is much better than "We Like To Party."

FROM: Deeporg [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday July 21, 2005 -- 10:50:52 am
Anyone have any more info on this supposed old man anyway? Is it a chick?

FROM: Jane
DATE: Saturday August 6, 2005 -- 10:46:35 pm
You people are soo stupid,Its not a chick,its not an old man,that person is like 15 years old,and he's wearing makeup to make him seem old.Paul. . . your a wise person,makeup DOES wonderful things.(LOL)

FROM: Nikkie
DATE: Saturday August 6, 2005 -- 10:52:22 pm
this dude is trying too hard to get noticed.

FROM: Loser TV Ads
DATE: Sunday August 14, 2005 -- 7:13:24 pm
Three most annoying ads. Never, NEVER NEVER!!!! purchase their products.

That silly tone of voice and idiot grin for ehormony.

Vonage, get a real ad

ditech, used car sales slim.

FROM: Randy
DATE: Thursday August 18, 2005 -- 10:29:24 pm
I dissagree......That commercial is great. I love watching it!!

FROM: drew
DATE: Sunday October 2, 2005 -- 4:55:23 pm
ya i dont' like him either i think he is anoyning and scary he is the kind of "person" that would stand at the foot of your bed and wake up by his theme music and bad dancing at night and then leave your room and go on to the next victim i would probably freak out and run away from him if i ever saw him in person

DATE: Friday October 14, 2005 -- 9:40:59 pm
Wow... you people are so harsh! Mannerisms and make-up aside, whoever the "old man" is, he is a fantastic dancer! I wish they'd show more of his dancing in the commercials. I doubt anyone on this site who is bad-mouthing him could dance 1/4 as well as he does.

DATE: Tuesday October 18, 2005 -- 8:49:27 pm

FROM: B. Bartel Boxcars
DATE: Saturday November 5, 2005 -- 4:48:26 pm
That guy is good but nobody can dance like that It has to be done with computers. I am not a dance fan but imagine to be able to dance like that and look like and being at some high school reunion and that chick that wouldn't have anything do with you in tenth grade is there. Like Bobby Short. I do not like show tunes but I wish I could have performed like he did.

FROM: Jami [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday December 10, 2005 -- 6:27:22 pm
I love Beanie Babies they are the best cause' you don't know what you are missing if you aren't collecting these babies.

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