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June 1st, 2005

Clip-n-Seal: The Follow-Up

Several months ago I wrote about the simple-but-brilliant ideabehind the Clip-n-Seal. I was first impressed by their site’sminimalist design, but realized that the product’s minimalist designwas also worthy of note. Here you have two pieces of plastic thatclamp together to keep your food fresher than any bag clip ever could.How great!

Then one of the Clip-n-Seal guys visited our site and we said we’dpimp his goods in exchange for free samples. This, today, is thepimping.

I (this is Ryan here speaking) received my set of three Clip-n-Seals,one small, one medium, and one large. The small is perfect forsealing up that package of Indian black salt that smells likesulfur/eggs. The medium works for a regular sized bag of pretzels.And the large? For that big bag of tortillas.

The Clip-n-Seal works as advertised. It keeps the food fresh, plainand simple. While I could see it being a little difficult for anolder person with arthritis to use — the “clip” part of “Clip-n-Seal”takes a wee bit of strength — it’s basic design make it a snap (har!)to use.

Speaking of snapping, Paul here to snap into a Slim Jim! Er, well, no. Sorry – that was the best segue I could come up with.

Like Ryan, I received the same trio of Clip-n-Seals. Immediately I loved the small one – I knew it’d be handy for bags of granola or small chip bags. The large would, of course, handle $3.00 giant bags of snacks from Costco.

The design of the Clip-n-Seal is really as simple as possible. We’ve suffered with bag clips for years – you know the ones – that don’t do much but keep your folded bag folded. Truly, Clip-n-Seal keeps things fresher longer. It’s a noticeable difference, and while I can’t say we’ve got any chips from January laying around, our Clip-n-Sealed items do last longer.

We did find that a lot of bags are just a smidge too wide for the medium, but a quick fold in on either side of the bag before the Clip-n-Seal goes on takes care of it. (Of course, you can just cut a large one down to size.) And as Ryan said, the Clip-n-Seal can be a little difficult to remove at times. Make no mistake though – the Clip-n-Seal is a fantastic product. We want to Clip-n-Seal everything!

We here at Ping Testing Laboratories will today begin a test of theClip-n-Seal, opening a food product, clipping it, sealing it, andletting it be for several months. We will see how fresh it keeps abag of just-opened chips after that period of time. The results?They’ll appear in the forthcoming Book of Ping.

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