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June 2nd, 2005


I may be about seven years too late, but I think 20Q is extremely cool and a lot of fun.

It’s essentially a version of 20 Questions, but with remarkable knowledge behind it. Every item I chose, it guessed correctly – even weird-o ones. Give it a try and be sure to share your results.

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FROM: Chris [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 7:57:13 am
I tired fan, carpet, baseball, and coffee. It took 23 questions to get cofee - which it blamed on misleading answers from me.

Fan really surprised me, because I didn't see it coming at all based on the questions it was asking.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 9:39:17 am
My first one was "fire hydrant," which it got in 20. It was interesting to follow it, as it was asking really vague and/or dumb questions until around #17 - then I really watched it hone in.

FROM: Anon
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 10:51:53 am
It got really upset about 'hobbit' and threw in the towel after #30

FROM: Greg
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 10:54:30 am
It couldn't guess ketchup in 30 guesses. It's big debate with me is that 20Q doesn't think that ketchup comes in a pack. It guessed golf club in 18. I don't know, does a golf club weigh more than a duck? And it guessed battery in 30 guesses.

FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 11:22:41 am
wow, I chose "language" and it got it in 20 questions. I have to think of something harder. Okay, "lint." It guessed shadow at 20 questions, virus at 29, beanie baby at 30, and then it said I won. Sweet!

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 12:13:30 pm
I tried an obscure fruit and it didn't get it (though it had something close in the final listing of "is it any one of these...?")

FROM: Alex C.
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 3:02:04 pm is a fun version of 20Q, even with the silly BK insertion half way through.

Took Vader like 24 questions to guess "book".

FROM: aharris
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 3:56:07 pm
holy f'ing crap!

I chose a candy bar (snickers to be exact) and it totally guessed correctly!

What in the world...

FROM: Robert [E-Mail]
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 5:16:36 pm
27 question to get cellphone. Meh.

DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 7:22:10 pm
It took 29 questions to almost get "penis" -- after guessing "urethra" at 27, it wimped out with "Get your mind out of the gutter! Does this have anything to do with sex?"

The funniest part was what it considered my contradictions -- "Can it be stolen? You say yes, I say no." Tell that to Bobbitt.

"Can you use it in public? You say maybe, I say no."

FROM: Maria
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 11:18:26 pm
It didn't know Santa Claus, swim cap or ginger snap.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday June 2, 2005 -- 11:52:02 pm
It got hairdryer on question #27.

I will try it in German on a day when I am thinking more clearly!

Fun concept.

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday June 3, 2005 -- 7:38:44 am
In German? Geez, I totally skipped that. "Denken Sie ab... der Daily Ping?" (I don't even know if that's right anymore. Sigh.)

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday June 3, 2005 -- 8:50:21 am
I beat it with "yawn" and "camera." *Yawn*

It seems to work better with absolute answers like yes and no, rather than fuzzy answers like usually and sometimes, though usually and sometimes are more appropriate.


FROM: Huyen
DATE: Monday June 6, 2005 -- 7:18:41 pm
I did "fortune cookie" and I beat it! It said it would have answered differently and it was on the final listing of "is it any one of these..." I'll have to try something easier on it.

FROM: Huyen
DATE: Monday June 6, 2005 -- 7:22:52 pm
"coatrack" on question #30. It said it is not synthetic material (I said sometimes it is- I guess they are mostly metal though). I won again! :)

DATE: Monday June 6, 2005 -- 8:56:06 pm
Like hobbit, it really got testy with gnome. It's first guess was baseball team. I have no idea why.

FROM: mw
DATE: Tuesday June 7, 2005 -- 8:04:53 am
"blowjob" was in my mind; after 20 questions they guessed " kiss " .. close ;)

FROM: laurie
DATE: Wednesday June 22, 2005 -- 9:08:50 am
It got most of mine, I got it on cookie, curler, and nylons, I kind of got hooked playing it

FROM: 2oQ Man
DATE: Thursday December 29, 2005 -- 10:21:41 pm
WOW!!!!!! It got P.S.2 in 20 questions. (and it was right) Then i did Star Wars and it got it 23!!!!! I love 20Q!
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