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June 20th, 2005

Instant Strip Mall!

Based on my astute observations, here are the items required for a modern strip mall.

  • Subno’s (or, Quizway) – Subway or Quizno’s. One of these two for sure, but Subway seems to be a lot more common.
  • Curves for Women. The ridiculously-quickly expanding chain of fitness centers is almost always near a Subway.
  • A bank of some sort. In the Chicago area, it’s Bank One – which’ll all soon be Chase anyway. But the strip mall is a prime opportunity for one-off banks to get out there, too.
  • Dunkin’ Donuts / Baskin Robbins / Togo’s. The donuts/ice cream combination is the most common ’round here, but adding in a Togo’s (mediocre) sandwich shop in the same storefront makes it one stop shopping for passable mass-produced food. Note that a Togo’s will almost never be in the same strip mall as a Subno’s.
  • Nail salon. Common: a one-off nail salon, locally owned with some bad 80s graphics on its windows.
  • Haircut shop. Usually Great Clips, it seems, but Hair Cuttery is common. Fantastic Sam’s is out there as well.

Throw in some bland, functional architecture and a lot of parking… and you’ve got a strip mall! Nice and easy. In fact, I’m making one on the stove right now.

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