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June 25th, 2005

Split Web Pages

As many of you do, I’m sure, I read the news online. I check in with our local papers, and our not-as-local papers. The Chicago Tribune is my mainstay, and I do check in with the online edition multiple times each day.

A few weeks ago I noticed a new “continue ?” link at the bottom of an article I was reading. The Trib had gone the way of the New York Times and decided to split articles up into multiple pages. “Well, all right,” I thought, “This is a little awkward.” What’s worse is that it has become really awkward because the articles aren’t split intelligently.

I’ll give you an example. I was reading about the (delightful!) Sox victory over the Cubs yesterday. A “continue ?” link beckoned. So I clicked it. Here, in its entirety, was page two:


That’s it. Page two was the footer. What the heck?

Unfortunately this type of move is usually geared towards… ads. Yes, if you have to view two (or three!) web pages instead of one, you’ll get more “impressions” for your advertisers. Unfortunately, the Trib’s sloppy article handling only makes this more of a pain to the reader than anyone else.

Thank goodness for the printable view, which has no breaks. I think I can handle that massive page two content with page one….

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Saturday June 25, 2005 -- 2:03:15 pm
You're a White Sox fan? I am so disappointed. You must be from the 'burbs and not a real Chicagoan. I don't know if I can be a Pinger anymore.

Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.

Oh my God.

FROM: Vovenheimerpeoplers
DATE: Saturday June 25, 2005 -- 3:59:10 pm
i know i absolutely HATE when they split pages for no apparent reason. i also hate when u waste computer pages from printing things when the last page is just an add or something:-(

FROM: Paul
DATE: Saturday June 25, 2005 -- 8:06:34 pm
You must be from the 'burbs and not a real Chicagoan.

Like Cubs fans aren't from the suburbs... c'mon.

Anyway, this isn't the time or place for a Sox v. Cubs thing. Unless we're going to bring Chicago v. New York, Republican v. Democrat, and Hulk v. Andre into the mix, that is!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Sunday June 26, 2005 -- 10:27:35 am
Yep. Touched a nerve ;*

FROM: Marcus Mackey
DATE: Tuesday August 2, 2005 -- 2:43:28 pm
You must be from the 'burbs and not a real Chicagoan.

Hrmmm, so I wonder what that makes me being that I'm a STL Cardinal fan and I live in the 'burbs? :-) I can't wait to hear this. ;-) ::rollseyes::

If a requisite of being a true Chicagoan is to be a Cubs fan, I think I'd rather settle and be a true Illini then (do not forget, Springfield holds a Cardinals minor league club, and that's our capitol city). ;-) At least then I could jest to having taste in my ballclub of choice, a ballclub I've been a fan of since Jack Clark played first base, Ozzie Smith was the shortstop, and Willie "E.T." McGee was an outfielder with them. ;-) I figured I'd put that out there before bandwagon arguments were spouted unintelligently.


Now if you'd said "The Bears" I could agree with you. ;-) At least rather than spending most of your time feuding with the people across town or the people from down state or MO, you could feud with the real enemy of Chicagoans and Illini alike as a true fan of the Chicago Bears. That being them pesky Cheeseheads up to the North. ;-) I've been called a F.I.B. enough times to know who the real enemy is, and hell... that's from my own misguided and forlorn green and yellow wearing family to the North.

;-) :-D

As far as split web pages... I agree that splitting pages should only happen based on x amount of text spilling over, and that some sort of php/asp or Cold Fusion script should be intelligent enough to know where the header/footer is and not include that in the page counts. After all, if it's a sentence or two, it should just spill over and most footers and headers aren't much longer than that.

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