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April 1st, 2011

Just plane suite

My parents recently traveled across country by way of Amtrak and had a sleeper car for part of their trip. I wondered aloud if planes offer similar amenities, particularly for overseas flights. Thanks to Meredith, now I know: they do. And they’re pretty awesome.

The suites aren’t available on flights to the US, but for a 7-hour flight from Tokyo to Singapore, you can pay a lot of money for one, should you wish to:

Of course, this doesn’t come cheap. A round-trip flight between Tokyo and Singapore – no A380 flights to the US yet – is $7400 in a suite. It’s a seven-hour flight, so I’m not sure that you really need the suite, but that’s the price. For comparison, first class on the same flight is $6500, business is $4300, and economy is $1500. So per hour, that’s $215 for economy, $615 for business, $928 for first, and $1057 for suites. Is it really worth more than a thousand dollars per hour for a suite?

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COD April 1, 2011, 7:08 pm

That’s a lot of money just to join the mile high club.

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