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June 28th, 2005

Bad Advices

One of those random childhood memories floating in my head happens to contain some of the worst advice I’ve ever received in my life.

Picture it: Sicily… er, the Chicago suburbs in the early 80s. A really hot summer’s day. I was helping my friend and his dad do some house painting. It was quite hot. We stopped to take a break and catch our breaths when I lamented that I was really thirsty.

My friend’s dad said in a blunt manner, “Thirsty? Swallow your spit.”

I thought, “My spit? But my spit isn’t Kool-Aid!”

And he was serious, too. Instead of letting us get even a sip of water from a garden hose he insisted that we let the magical power of saliva somehow manage to refresh and rejuvenate our bodies and our spirits. I guess people stranded in the desert (there are many) should just swallow their spit, too.

Incredibly bad advice. What’s yours?

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