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July 3rd, 2005

Bootleg Toys

For every random item out there, someone collects like, like this guy who collects bootleg toys.

And thank goodness he’s obsessive about putting his collection online as he is about collecting Spader-man and scary-looking Incredible Hulk knockoffs. Some of the knockoffs are actually decent, others are awful, and some are just bizarre (a mulleted Man of Steel?).

Posted in Just Plain Odd

FROM: snaily
DATE: Sunday July 3, 2005 -- 10:51:12 am
i like the spongebob bootleg figures. but how could this guy never watch spongebob? i didnt think that was possible.

FROM: Arnold
DATE: Tuesday September 20, 2005 -- 11:11:55 am
Actually, the "mulleted man of steel" is entirely accuracte to the comic book version from the mid 1990s. So blame the artists at DC for that particular fuck-up.

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