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July 9th, 2005

The ‘Go-Ahead’ Wave

When you’re driving and you make the kind decision to let somebody in front of you or you let them go first at a four-way stop, how do you signal to them: do you use the full-hand wave-on or do you do the slighty-snobby “I’m being so nice to you so you better appreciate it” two-finger “c’mon, go, hurry up” motion?

I intend to use the full-hand one, but I usually use the uppity two-finger motion instead. Fortunately, I’m the only one that obsesses over the stupid details of something like this, so whatever I choose, I still end up getting the friendly courtesy wave (or nod).

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FROM: snaily
DATE: Saturday July 9, 2005 -- 11:10:48 am
i know exactly what you mean! i always try to do the full hand wave. but i hate when people do the two finger to me and then look like im taking up their time

DATE: Saturday July 9, 2005 -- 11:58:46 am
Full hand wave normally, but my general rule in the mornings is NEVER LET ANYONE OUT! It sounds cruel or rude but in London you never get to work if you are too nice. This may be broken under very special cases.....

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