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July 25th, 2005


I love me some libraries.

As a kid, I loved our school library and was constantly checking books in and out. My favorite book was a sci-fi book written in the early 70s, which was also the last time it had been checked out. But in the mid-80s, my name was on the book’s card about seventeen times. When I was in college and they were finally purging the book from the elementary school library, the librarian saw my name plastered all over the inside of the book and decided to give it to me instead of getting rid of it.

In the public library in our hometown, I checked every book they had on Apple II programming out multiple times. While no one there gave me any books years later, there was one book that I really wished I had because it was such a good reference. The book was long out of print and going for $90 on, so I hunted down the author. He happened to have a few extra in his basement and was kind enough to send me a signed copy.

These days, I visit my town’s public library pretty often. They have a great selection, a solid web site, and best of all: no late fees. Sure, a Scary Robot will call you if you’re late, but there are no fines whatsoever and you can renew over the phone or online.

Paul was telling me that a public library near him has successfully duplicated the “book store” experience by installing a cafe. Jolly good, I say!

What do you love about your public library?

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