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August 25th, 2005

Expert Advisors

As many of you know, Paul and I are the world’s foremost experts on all things Oreo. I wear a shellacked Big Stuf around my neck like Flavor Flav’s clock. Paul sings to his Oreos before bed. And, thankfully, the media knows who to call when doing a three part story on the Oreo.

Earlier this week, the Chicago Tribune made use of our services for that particular article, one that we were interviewed for last Novemeber. And though the Ping was originally going to be mentioned (or even featured) in the article, instead, our appearance was trimmed down to a few quotes. I appeared about halfway through part one while Paul led off a sidebar in part two and was featured in a photograph.

Reaction to the series was pretty darn harsh, but at least no one wrote in to make fun of Paul’s handwriting.

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