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December 22nd, 2000

Just call him Mr. Clean

I think at some point, every kid obsessed with being clean has thought about walking through a car wash. You know, get brushed off, sparkle after a coat of wax… sounds good, right?

A German stuntman did just that, except he was strapped to the windshield of a Renault. Thankfully it was for the good of a charity. No word on how shiny his butt was. -pm

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FROM: Tina
DATE: Friday December 22, 2000 -- 9:34:38AM
Speaking of car washing....I was just pondering if it's possible to get a car wash in subzero temperatures....I'm serious here. My car is so coated with salt because of our lovely winter weather it's like a pretzel.

FROM: Robert
DATE: Friday December 22, 2000 -- 1:46:53PM
I would do it at one o' them nekkid car washes I seen on A Current Affair.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Friday December 22, 2000 -- 7:00:58PM
Maybe you would be serviced by the fine women at the Bikini Carwash Company... or maybe the young ladies from the Bikini Carwash Company II... or maybe the chicks from California Hot Wax (aka Bikini Carwash). But only if you're lucky...

FROM: Tina
DATE: Saturday December 23, 2000 -- 11:07:04AM
Thanks Guys! I'm definitely feeling the love here...esp. from some gentlemen who are admire the naked female form! Merry Christmas! Oh, and PS: I finally did get a car wash (by some nice yet unattractive men with CLOTHES ON, thank god) and everything is sparkling.

FROM: Ryan
DATE: Saturday December 23, 2000 -- 3:59:07PM
We always aim to please, Tina. :)

FROM: liz
DATE: Monday December 25, 2000 -- 2:32:26PM
that reminds me of the time on the simpsons when cletus sent all his kids and dogs through the car wash. "who wants a wax?" he asked, and they all cheered and barked.

FROM: dave
DATE: Monday December 25, 2000 -- 5:58:18PM
A radio station I listened to when I was a kid would pay people ridiculously low amounts of money (like $98 or something) to drive their convertibles through a car wash with the top down.


FROM: Robert
DATE: Monday December 25, 2000 -- 9:52:57PM
dave--Why not, man? 98FelchRock plays the best mix of today's rock and hard-hittin' classic tunes!

DATE: Saturday January 1, 2005 -- 3:02:15 pm

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