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September 23rd, 2005

Random Memory

Chatting with an old childhood friend the other day, I told him about a random memory I had. A few of us were playing Kick the Can in his backyard (taking a break from Baby in the Air, I guess) and another kid from across the street purposely stepped on a frog and squashed it. I watched uncomfortably as my friend, who was a couple years older than me, told me, “Those are its guts.”


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FROM: snaily
DATE: Friday September 23, 2005 -- 3:39:54 pm
If you find that person who squished the frog, please knock their lights out for me. I personally have a pet frog which i adore, and i definitely cant imagine squishing him or any other animal.
check out

FROM: ethan rider
DATE: Friday September 23, 2005 -- 11:53:10 pm
My cousins used to play "toadball" which was baseball using live toads.

I think that's worse

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 24, 2005 -- 4:38:32 pm
I had a friend from India who used to talk about how his village was constantly overrun by hundreds of rabbits.

He and his friends would catch a few (not too hard), take them up to the roof, and drop them to see if they would bounce.

Ah, we are truly great guardians of the environment.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Sunday September 25, 2005 -- 2:24:05 pm
My girlfriend attacked a US Marine who had poured salt on a slug. She warned him not to do it and he did it anyway. She busted his lip. He got what he deserved.

FROM: snaily
DATE: Sunday September 25, 2005 -- 2:42:31 pm
poor slug! as you can see from my name, i love snails. and frogs. this ping is too much to handle! i think im having a nervous breakdown..

FROM: Aanen
DATE: Thursday September 29, 2005 -- 5:24:08 pm
We used to take my neighbor's cat and drop her off the deck( it was about 10 feet high) to see if she would land on her feet.

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