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September 22nd, 2005

Toilet Seat Cover Check

Just wanted to check: when using a public toilet, do you use a toilet seat cover all of the time? What’s your policy?

For me, I will always (gulp) wipe down the seat first, then use a cover – or a makeshift one made from TP – and then, sit and enjoy. At first I was skeptical of using a cover all of the time, but now I couldn’t imagine not using one.

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FROM: Monica
DATE: Thursday September 22, 2005 -- 10:38:00 am
the seat cover, if it has one of those tounge-like bits that hangs down into the water, tends to fall into the water before I can get my pants down. So t.p. is the way to go. all the time!

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Thursday September 22, 2005 -- 1:01:57 pm
I just make sure the seat is clean first and wipe it down if I have to--then I sit. If a toilet seat is too dirty to sit on, then a toilet paper ass-gasket isn't going to help you.

I don't really like the covers, either. I tried one once and it made me slide around too much.

You can't really catch anything from a toilet seat anyway, unless you sit on a really dirty one, which again, I wouldn't sit on even after wiping it off and placing some sort of tissue or vinyl barrier on it.

Okay, maybe you can get crabs. There are always rumors that crabs rage through college dorms like wildfire. But, regardless of the rumors, no one I knew in college ever got them. The rumors of infectious toilets were always about "other" dorms, or certain bathrooms in certain buildings. I found out at a party that the latest infestation was rumored to be in my dorm on my floor. There was no infestation, contamination, or even one case of crabs that anyone knew of--but for about a week or so after the rumor hits your dorm and floor, everyone else on campus, who knows where you live, treats you like you're full of ick. So lame.

I still never used an ass-gasket and never caught anything.

What you really have to watch out for are the toilet handles, the faucets and the doorknobs--those things are full of germs that'll give you a nice cold or flu.

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday September 22, 2005 -- 1:53:43 pm
My little sister in my sorority caught crabs from the bathroom in her dorm. It's a fact.

FROM: snaily
DATE: Thursday September 22, 2005 -- 3:35:43 pm
if there is a toilet cover i use it, although ive only been in a few bathrooms that actually have them. i always wipe down the seat though, but im usually in too much af a hurry to make a tp cover.
but i always try not to touch doorknobs and other things in the bathroom- and i flush with my foot

FROM: jk
DATE: Thursday September 22, 2005 -- 9:50:28 pm
Isn't this ironic: there was an article in the paper tonight stating that cafeteria trays are germier than toilet seats!!

I fear buffets because people who have not washed their hands touch the utensils that I touch....this is not an irrational fear.

FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday September 23, 2005 -- 2:57:12 pm
And that's not to say that cafeteria trays are even very germy. There was a story about a year ago where some scientists went into a bunch of random homes and . . wait--I've heard this before . . .

FROM: Paul
DATE: Friday September 23, 2005 -- 3:42:28 pm
Apparently, I have lots of bathroom hang-ups.

FROM: Ryan [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 24, 2005 -- 2:24:58 am
If my freshman year college roommate is reading this -- remember how our bathroom smelled like bleach for a week after the girl with crabs used our toilet?

FROM: Merle [E-Mail]
DATE: Saturday September 24, 2005 -- 4:42:10 pm
Paul: no, it's not a hang-up. I know lots of people who use the covers. Since I also know people who won't lift the lid before urinating, who don't have any aiming ability, I can understand.

But those covers are a pain. They slide around. Worst is if they get in the water and slide back. Eeew. I'd rather not.

I just wipe it down with toilet paper. Unless it has obvious urine on it. Then I go to the next stall, or downstairs (if I'm in my office) to find a clean one.

I also make sure to lift the lid (when in the men's room) when I am through. Less chance of loser people splattering it because "I'm afraid to touch the lid and get germs".

Sean October 1, 2007, 9:35 pm

Frankly, the fact is that the seat coat is so flimsy the seat must be wiped or else everything passes through it. Also, it simply does not cover the whole seat anyway. It’s actually operation is still a query to me … if the “punch out” flap touches the water, through capillary action the “water” will creep up one’s otherwise clean butt (I pull that flap forward by the way). What they should do is have a disinfecting spray over the seat … you wipe off the seat with the extra TP or Paper towel and voila! just like home.

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