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September 26th, 2005

That’s Not Cool

I think I can come up with a pretty good theory on companies, trends, and all that stuff: when someone proclaims themselves to be “cool”, generally they aren’t anything of the sort.

The prime example? Sears, of course. You might know them better as “the company that got bought up by K-Mart” or “that place they sell a bunch of stuff”. Sears’s slogan has been “Good life. Great price” for a few years now, but that’s no longer working (probably not enough synergy). Their new slogan is going to be – wait for it – “Cooler every day”.

Uh, no.

That said, the Daily Ping is going to be announcing a new slogan soon: “We’re cool to the extreme.” That about sums it up. We are cool, and clearly we want to show our target market that we can provide the same hip, happening additions to their lifestyles that no one else can provide. To the extreme!!!!

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