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September 30th, 2005

This Old Car

So there are rumblings around our household that we might get rid of our car. (Put this Ping together with my last one and you can tell, I suppose.) The issue becomes, though, do we get something newer that gets great mileage (and end up paying for it for 5 years, meh) or something older that gets great mileage and own it in much less time?

The compelling argument for a newer car is, well, it’s new. If it’s a foreign car, odds are very high it’ll run forever (or at least until 2050.) That’s a huge plus. And, you know, creature comforts. Most newer cars include all the goodies like power locks, power windows, and radial tires. Older cars? Not so much – but there’s that whole “it’s so cheap we’ll own it in short order” angle that’s appealing.

But that made me wonder if anyone in Pingville has essentially swapped a newer car – ours is a 2001 – for something older in order to kill off car payments and diminish time at the pump. I’m also just curious as to what everyone drives, so feel free to throw that out there, too. (We have a 2001 PT Cruiser.)

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