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October 3rd, 2005

FedEx Ground Drop-offs

Last week I had to return a package. I had a postage paid return label from FedEx Ground and figured all I needed to do was slap the label on and drop it in one of the many FedEx drop-boxes in the area. The problem? None of the drop boxes accept FedEx Ground packages. In order to actually return the package, I had to drive to an authorized FedEx shipping center (and forget going to stop at one that was going to charge me extra) like Kinko’s. Fortunately, I have one about 5 or 6 miles from my work, but if I had to go from home, it would have been twice that.

It’s a minor annoyance and I realize that there’s probably some good business reason why FedEx doesn’t accept prepaid ground packages at their drop boxes, but to the customer: it doesn’t matter. How you run your business should generally remain transparent to the customer and they shouldn’t have to care about whether or why a drop-box isn’t a valid place to drop one’s shipment.

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BJ Blaylock November 22, 2008, 3:22 pm

That’s not always the case. I need a drop box to drop off our work envelope that contains documents. It measures 15″ X 12″ and is sometimes 2″ thick. I can’t “leave it” for FedEx to pick up because of the sensitivity of the contents. I live in Duncan, Ok and there is no place to mail FEDEX ground. But I would like to drop it off somewhere or have it picked up. It is an awful convenience to have to drive 30 miles to the closes home office. We have state pre-paid labels that peel off & stick on our envelopes. Any suggestions because we have been using US Postal labels and I have a ton of FEDEX labels I would like to use instead.

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