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October 4th, 2005

Birthday Donuts: The Follow-Up

So back in the Ping’s Early Days, I started a petition to get Krispy Kreme to give me a dozen free donuts. It was started as a gag, really, to show how silly online petitions can be. But back on my birthday in 2003, I thought that it was time to make the donuts. (Happen.)

At that time, my petition had eight signatures. I am proud to announce that it now has seventy! 70 people want me to get donuts on my birthday. I figured it was time to write Krispy Kreme about this amazing demand, and – more importantly – get free donuts.

So I wrote them a brief email, saying things such as, “I can think of nothing finer than receiving a dozen free Krispy Kreme donuts on my birthday” (which is kind of a lie) and “Even people who don’t know me want me to get this.” I closed by saying I looked forward to my dozen donuts.

The reply was surprisingly quick in coming. Here it is.

Thank you for your email regarding the possibility of receiving a free dozendoughnuts from your local Krispy Kreme store on your birthday. Weappreciate the opportunity to assist you.

The promotion you are inquiring about may be a local promotion offered bythe Krispy Kreme stores in your area. For more information to see if yourlocal store currently offers this promotion, please contact the GeneralManager at the store. Below is the address and phone number for your localstore.

[address removed]

Just in case you are not already a member, we would like to invite you tojoin Friends of Krispy Kreme. Our friends receive updates on new storeopenings, special promotions, information about new products and otheractivities. Sign up is easy! Simply visit our website, select the ‘Friends of Krispy Kreme’ link, and completethe enrollment form.

We hope this information is helpful and appreciate your interest in KrispyKreme.

Best regards,
Jennifer Kotelniski
Krispy Kreme Customer Experience

I don’t know. I had a pretty lousy Customer Experience (gag) with this letter. And I somehow doubt that it’s going to be a local promotion.

I guess I won’t be getting anything free from Krispy Kreme on my birthday this year.

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