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October 20th, 2005

No Receipt

While I’ve improved on what receipts I keep and what receipts I shred, one thing that irks me a bit when places either offer receipts when I don’t need them… or don’t offer them when I do.

For instance, every so often I’ll go to BankOne/Chase/whatever and make a withdrawal with an actual person (mostly in cases where I need 10 bucks, which I can’t get from the ATM). And every time I do this, they don’t give me a receipt. That would be helpful, considering I took money from them and all. In one instance I asked my otherwise nearly-silent teller, “Can I get a receipt?” “No.” “Why not?” “We don’t offer receipts.”

Of course they do offer them – just not for simple withdrawals. I guess the money is the receipt, or something.

On the flipside is something my wife experienced: too much receipt-giving. Let’s say you head to a bagel shop and get a bagel with an iced tea, and pay in cash. After you pay, people at some shops actually get huffy about giving you a receipt. Why? Why do I need such a receipt?

I think that’s all a little backwards. Chase/BankOne should be giving me the receipt, and the bagel shop should be quietly phasing out receipts (at least, for cash purchases) unless you ask. We could save a tree.

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saywhat October 24, 2006, 10:57 pm

I hate receipts, I recycle them.

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