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October 28th, 2005

Toilet Upgrade II

So nearly two months ago, I Pinged about our great new toilet and suggested it might be bidet-worthy. Now, I know which bidet I must have.

My bidet must have a built-in MP3 player. You pop in an SD card with music, you get to listen. The only thing that would make this better would be if I could stream (ha!) audio to it from my computer. And it could be hooked up to speakers.

At least I’ve got something to shoot for.

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FROM: Joseph
DATE: Friday October 28, 2005 -- 9:30:17 am
". . . With the usual included gizmos like Seat heater, Automatic washer, Electronic controlled seat etc, . . ."

The Japanese must have too much time on their hands. They must spend as much time sitting on the toilet as Americans spend sitting in their cars, to demand all of these features. I wonder if toilets are advertised there as aggressively as cars are here.

DATE: Friday October 28, 2005 -- 11:31:34 am
They are sort of space challenged in Japan, so hot rodding your car is probably out. Hot rodding the toilet appears to be the alternate choice.

FROM: Biancha Beuchamp
DATE: Sunday November 6, 2005 -- 11:28:31 pm
I don't know about the Japanese but I go into many Korean businesses as part of my work and I have seen toilet seats for sale that are not to be believed. If one spends enough time in the bathroom to be able to use the functions on these seats an appointment with a proctologist is likely. Elvis and Lenny Bruce died on the throne and Elvis should have gone to a specialist on intestinal disorders. How many people die because they have something wrong with their digestive systems and they thought a gadget or patent medicine would fix them up?

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