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November 20th, 2005


Just curious: is anyone out there still using dialup to access the internet? If so, how’s it going?

I ask in part because it seems like everything pretty much assumes a broadband connection nowadays… but not here at the Ping, no sir! (Or ma’am!) I can’t help but wonder if the whole thing still feels slow, fast, or somewhere in-between.

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FROM: Steve A.
DATE: Sunday November 20, 2005 -- 12:25:46 pm
I've still got dial-up. It serves my purpose. I figure if someone calls and gets a busy signal, they can figure the computer's on or the phone's in use. I don't like call waiting most because I think it's pretty damn rude. You end up prioritizing your callers or friends.

So.. I'm mostly satisified.


FROM: Maria
DATE: Monday November 21, 2005 -- 1:10:17 am
Since I moved out of my parents' house where we had DSL, I have been using my cell phone as a modem to connect to the internet. Pro: It's free, except for airtime. Con: It's slow. Roughly twice the speed of dialup. I figure if I'm online all day at work, I don't need to be online too much at home, to warrant the extra $ for broadband.

FROM: Stuart
DATE: Tuesday November 22, 2005 -- 6:41:12 pm
My parents still use dial-up since they only really use the computer to send and receive email. They use Netscape Mail, so it's much faster than trying to use web-based mail. My mom goes on the internet and doesn't mind about the speed. Who cares if you have to wait 10 or 15 seconds for a web page? How much of a rush are we in anyway?


DATE: Thursday November 24, 2005 -- 6:15:07 pm
After harassing CenturyTel for 3 years, we finally got DSL. I'll never go back to dialup and I refuse to live in an area where broadband is not an option. DSL is still new to this area. So 1.5 Megs is the fastest we can get. It's still buggy. I still get bumped off every now and then. But it appears to be getting better. I can tolorate this better than dialup's bullshit.

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