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November 23rd, 2005

17 Minutes

17 Minutes is a video project that brings light to the suicide that is committed every 17 minutes in the United States and the suicide that’s attempted every 43 seconds. In each video, the director stands next to a tree, silent, for 17 minutes, and at the end of the time, falls to the ground. He uses the time to reflect on life and the life of his brother, who killed himself.

It’s a quiet, introspective project that helps bring peace to the man who’s doing it and I’m glad he’s decided to share his 17 minutes with the rest of us.

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FROM: Aanen
DATE: Wednesday November 23, 2005 -- 1:35:01 pm
one of the 499 groups last semester did a similiar video as well.

A good friend of mine shot him self in 2000

FROM: Wilhelm Bush
DATE: Saturday November 26, 2005 -- 7:06:43 pm
I had an aunt who killed herself. The funeral was uncomfortable for everyone. After the burial we met at her house and a couple people had a shot of scotch. My uncle started complaining about having to buy porn from the police to bribe the housing inspectors. I got sent to a psychiatrist who died from too much smoking. He spent most of the sessions chain smoking and making deals on the phone. I later figured out that I was rational I just had been having to deal with people who never tried to reason with me. The doc tried to get me on pills which have made it hard to operate on a rational basis with my environment and I could have been killed much like people who drink too much. I later had a girlfriend with two sons who killed themselves because they were bipolar. I had a business partner who died from too much pizza because as smart as he was he never put being a reasonable weight about pizza. One pizza tastes much like another pizza.

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