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December 8th, 2005


I’m going to put forth an absolute, here: Ritz crackers (and most of their similar, off-brand cousins) are the best crackers there are. Bar none! And as a second absolute, Trader Joe’s multigrain crackers are the second best crackers there are. Again: bar none!

I’m not quite sure when I really started liking Ritz, but certainly the whole “Ritz sandwich” thing has something to do with it. Slapping a piece of cheese in-between two crackers seemed like such a simple snack. Simple… and delicious!

What’s more is that Ritz has opened my eyes to a world of crackers. The aforementioned TJ’s crackers are great, but on occasion even plain ol’ saltines are worth a snack – particularly with soup. What are your thoughts? Have I gone crackers?

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