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December 7th, 2005

Your Holiday Decorating Profile

If you’re the type to decorate for the holidays, let’s hear about your Holiday Decoration Profile:

When decorating outside, do you use:

  • Strictly white lights, multi-colored lights, or a mixture of both?
  • Twinkling (or otherwise blinking) or steady-on?
  • Small, tasteful decorations on the doors and windows or a gigantic blow up Santa?

When decorating inside, do you use:

  • Classic, elegant decorations or trinkets you’ve bought through the years?
  • Collections of Santas or snowmen?
  • (most importantly): plastic or real?

My profile is: outside – white lights, some twinkling only because we haven’t figured out how to make them steady-on, and a single decoration on the door. Inside – trinkets, mainly, a combination of Santas and snowmen (though slightly more snowmen), and definitely real. Though we didn’t actually cut our own this year–our regular farm is closed for this year–we still went the live route.

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