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December 21st, 2005

Silent Velcro

Many of us grew up in the Velcro Age (which came shortly after the Stone Age), and if it weren’t for that magnificent invention, most of us would have had to learn to tie our shoes. Phew. Dodged that bullet.

But as an older and wiser adult, I can see the need for an update to velcro. Sure the “tearing” sound is its trademark, but I’d very much like to see a silent velcro, one that you can open and close in a quiet room without anyone turning and staring.

I was struck with this brilliant idea at a conference last year. The conference messenger bags that they gave us were nice enough, but they used velcro in addition to plastic clasps, so even if you didn’t use the velcro, it would stick and make noise when you opened it. I attempted to deactivate the velcro by placing scotch tape over it, which worked for the remainder of the conference, but is an ugly long-term fix.

Who’s with me on this?

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